Between the Pages bonus post: Dresses and Dancing


I enjoy watching the styles, sets and scenery of Jane Austen’s novels portrayed on screen and learning about the fashions of the period. Seeing as my last post only covered a very small amount of contextual material for this month’s featured author, why not indulge in a Between the Pages bonus post?

Clothes and fashions change all the time, although I do wonder whether fashions today are becoming less defined. In a few decades’ time, when historians look back on decades in the early 2000s, what will the defining fashions be?

Each decade in the 20th century has a standout fashion. The 1920s had flapper dresses and the rise of Coco Chanel; beautifully feminine bias-cut dresses were popular in the ’30s; the wartime years in the 1940s saw practical fashions, with red lipstick and pincurls to add a touch of glamour; and Dior’s New Look was launched near the end of the decade, leading into the full-skirted ’50s.

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Photo challenge day 15: Bundled

We are pretty much half-way through the First Thirty-one Photo Challenge over at Fourtuitous. Today’s theme is “Bundled”: very appropriate for this snowy January weather we are having!

You need a good pair of gloves when you’re bundling up against the cold.

My gorgeous leather gloves: a Christmas gift from a friend

My gorgeous leather gloves: a Christmas gift from a friend