Between the Pages bonus post: Dresses and Dancing


I enjoy watching the styles, sets and scenery of Jane Austen’s novels portrayed on screen and learning about the fashions of the period. Seeing as my last post only covered a very small amount of contextual material for this month’s featured author, why not indulge in a Between the Pages bonus post?

Clothes and fashions change all the time, although I do wonder whether fashions today are becoming less defined. In a few decades’ time, when historians look back on decades in the early 2000s, what will the defining fashions be?

Each decade in the 20th century has a standout fashion. The 1920s had flapper dresses and the rise of Coco Chanel; beautifully feminine bias-cut dresses were popular in the ’30s; the wartime years in the 1940s saw practical fashions, with red lipstick and pincurls to add a touch of glamour; and Dior’s New Look was launched near the end of the decade, leading into the full-skirted ’50s.

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First Thirty-one Photo Challenge catch-up

I have missed a few days of the First Thirty-one Photo Challenge over at Fourtuitous. Here are the photos for days 27, 28, 29 and 30 of the challenge.

DAY 27 – Something beginning with ‘J’

A pretty journal cover:


DAY 28 – Windows

“A house without books is like a room without windows” (Horace Mann)

A pile of books; two of them I am reading for the first time, two of them I am re-reading.



DAY 29 – Kin

Challenging theme today! I chose to post this photo of a gnome garden I made for my niece one Christmas: the gnomes look like kin!

VLUU L110, M110  / Samsung L110, M110

DAY 30 – Sign

When I put these shoes on, it’s a sign I’m ready to go dancing. The chunky heels are perfect for salsa!

Dancing shoes!

Dancing shoes!

What I’m listening to this weekend

I just ordered the latest album by The Black Keys, ‘El Camino’. The song, Lonely Boy, is the first single from it and if you haven’t seen the music video for it, you should. It puts a smile on my face every time: that guy’s dance moves are great!

Video linked from YouTube.

What’s on your music playlist this weekend?