What’s Your Opinion about Cultural Life?

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As part of my ongoing effort to develop and improve my blog, I have created a reader survey. You can access the survey by clicking the image above or by clicking here: Please share your opinions about Cultural Life

It’s a short survey and it shouldn’t take you longer than 5 minutes to complete. Your responses will help me to understand my readers better and to publish even more posts which you will enjoy.

The survey is completely anonymous, and none of the questions are mandatory, so if you don’t have anything to say for some of the questions, feel free to skip them. But I would love to hear your responses to all of the questions. Thank you very much!

Fun with Blogging 201!

I’m having a lot of fun with Blogging 201, which is a two-week WordPress course about developing your blog. I’ve been spending a lot of time hanging out in The Commons, which is the Blogging 201 area for chatting about all things blog-related.

Fun with Blogging 201

Although my blog looks fairly similar to how it did before I started the Blogging 201 course, changes are going on behind the scenes. I have plans for scheduling a blog series: a succession of posts which all relate to a particular topic. As I sit here and type, my notebook is open beside me with plans for my blog series.

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