Fun with Blogging 201!

I’m having a lot of fun with Blogging 201, which is a two-week WordPress course about developing your blog. I’ve been spending a lot of time hanging out in The Commons, which is the Blogging 201 area for chatting about all things blog-related.

Fun with Blogging 201

Although my blog looks fairly similar to how it did before I started the Blogging 201 course, changes are going on behind the scenes. I have plans for scheduling a blog series: a succession of posts which all relate to a particular topic. As I sit here and type, my notebook is open beside me with plans for my blog series.

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Three Blogging Goals: Focus, Engagement and Design

You might have noticed that a Blogging University badge has appeared in my sidebar. During the next couple of weeks, I’m taking part in Blogging 201: Branding and Growth. This WordPress course is designed to help bloggers who feel they are familiar with the basics of blogging and who want to move on to topics such as design, creating a blogging ‘brand’, and growing their blogs.

Image courtesy of Steve Bridger, sourced from Flickr Creative Commons

Image courtesy of Steve Bridger, sourced from Flickr Creative Commons

As part of Blogging 201, we outlined our three blogging goals for the rest of 2015. My goals are:

1. To increase my average daily hits by 25% by the end of 2015

I plan to achieve this goal by creating posts with a specific focus (e.g. a series of posts about a particular topic) and by setting myself a weekly target. At the moment, I post as and when I have time. This is usually a minimum of once per week, but I’d like to create a regular schedule and perhaps post on specific days during the week.

2. To encourage more engagement with my blog

Essentially, this involves receiving more comments on my posts. It’s great to receive feedback and I’m always appreciative of comments, so I aim to encourage more people to stop by and interact.

3. To improve the design of my blog and make some changes to my blog theme

One of the Blogging 201 tasks has encouraged me to think about the design of Cultural Life. This involves thinking about my ‘brand’ and how I can make my blog stand out in the crowd.

Do you keep a blogging schedule where you post on particular days per week, say, Mondays and Fridays?

Have you changed your blogging theme or kept the same one since you first started blogging?

And for bloggers who receive dozens of comments on each post, how do you encourage people to engage with your blog?