Puppy love: one year later

So, here I find myself at the computer, searching for ‘dog waterproof jumpsuit’ on Google. Because whatever niche product you want to buy, the internet is bound to have it.

In all seriousness, winter is coming. And the beautiful spaniel puppy I brought home a year ago this month has grown into an equally beautiful but very long-haired adult dog.

Aimee walk (1) Cavalier King Charles spaniels are known for their long, flowing coats, which need regular brushing to keep them tangle-free. Maintaining Aimée’s coat isn’t a problem in dry weather, but I’m not looking forward to dealing with the winter mud and slush. Rather than having to bath my pup after every winter walk, a canine all-in-one waterproof jumpsuit seems like an easier alternative. I’ll keep you posted!


September 2016

To recap the past year:

She has been on vacation with me twice

She travels in a portable crate in the back of the car and is as quiet as a mouse, even on long drives when the traffic is bad. She adapts quickly even when staying in unfamiliar places, although she wasn’t very happy about a three-hour boat trip we took in the summer.

Aimee Scotland

Posing on vacation

She’s been to town, city and country

A well-socialized dog is a happy dog. Right from when she was tiny, I’ve taken her out to dog-friendly cafés, parks, restaurants and shops, and she sometimes spends the day playing at doggy daycare too. As a well-adjusted, confident adult dog, it isn’t a problem to take her out and about — she sits down patiently and waits without fussing or begging for food.

Aimee by the beach

At the beach

She knows some of her toys by name

Her absolute favourite toys are Kong Wubbas — one of her first toys was a red Wubba. Now she has four and will run off to get one if you tell her. I’m trying to teach her the names of her other toys too, as a fun party trick.

There’s a Border Collie who can pick out over 1,000 toys by name — pretty amazing! Aimée knows a few words and will bark on command if you say ‘hello’, but the one that really gets her excited is ‘biscuit’. She loves treats!

Aimee posing

Just look at that face…

She’s best friends with Kitty, the resident feline

They love each other, but I think Kitty loves her more. There have been times when Aimée has been on the receiving end of a smack from Kitty’s sharp claws. It doesn’t happen often, but I think it has taught her that cats should be viewed with respect. Cats are the boss, people!


Most of all, she brings a lot of joy to my life

“Because of the dog’s joyfulness, our own is increased. It is no small gift. It is not the least reason why we should honor as well as love the dog of our own life, and the dog down the street, and all the dogs not yet born. What would the world be like without music or rivers or the green and tender grass? What would this world be like without dogs?” ~ Mary OliverDog Songs.

Do you have dogs or other pets? How do they enrich your daily life?

26 thoughts on “Puppy love: one year later

  1. This was so heartwarming and I’m glad she’s so well-adjusted and easy to manage now! That last picture of her with Kitty is too precious. All the nonsense about cats and dogs being enemies…. that’s proof right there that it can be a reality. I have to say I’d feel her pain though when it comes to boats. I’ve managed to curb most of my motion sickness issues but boats/anything that isn’t stable on water is still beyond me, unfortunately. Hope you’re having a good week so far!

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    • She’s definitely easier now that she’s older. Puppies are a lot of work when they’re young! Exactly — cats and dogs can get on really well together. Weirdly, though, Aimée wants to chase any other cats in the neighbourhood but she never chases Kitty. It’s like there’s a distinction between ‘her’ cat and other cats!

      Yes, I think she felt quite miserable on the boat. She spent most of the trip snuggled on my lap with her face pushed into my elbow! It was a trip to two islands on the west coast of Scotland (I really must sort out my photos from the summer…). There had been an Atlantic storm the day before and the water was very choppy. I didn’t know how I’d cope with it, but I really enjoyed it!

      I’ll reply to your email soon. 🙂

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  2. I can’t wait to hear about this waterproof jumpsuit! If it works out for you, I may have to try one out for Mavis, since her fur seems to be growing at an alarming rate, haha!

    I love that Aimee knows some of her toys by name! Also, she is smart to befriend Kitty. Cats are totally the bosses in life 😉

    As for your question at the end of this post… our pets enrich our lives so much! They bring us joy, laughter, and comfort. They’re a lot of work, and sometimes drive me c-r-a-z-y, but they’re totally 100% worth it!

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  3. Green with envy at your gorgeous little girl… the only thing more precious than one cavalier, is two cavaliers ! I think I may have told you that I’ve had six – always two at a time… I’m expecting them all to be waiting for me the other side, along with all the other lived ones we’re promised will be lined up for our welcome over the finishing line – or is it the starting line????????
    Keep us posted wth lots of tantalising pics of your little darling please…

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    • I think having two at a time is a very good idea – they keep each other company so you don’t have to worry so much about leaving them!

      But, alas, more work to have two… I have to brush Aimée’s coat on an almost daily basis and even then she seems to get knots and tangles very easily. I’m reluctant to have her clipped at all, as her long coat is beautiful. Do you have any coat maintenance tips from when you had Cavaliers?

      I’ll post more pics soon 🙂


      • That was always my reason for having two – to mitigate the guilt I felt when leaving them at home !!!
        Your little darling must have an amazing coat… I only had to keep the long ears free of tanglesl… for the most part, it was only after a bath I had to work at tangles in the rest of their coat.. however, in hot summer, I did get the dog groomer to lightly trim their coats for their own well-being… I noticed how irritable thick coated dogs ( bred to ridiculous length by unscrupulous breeders ) like English sheep-dogs, got, and how relieved they were when they’d been clipped back in summer…poor darlings…

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  4. I’m curious now as to what we’ll find if we search Google for a dog waterproof jumpsuit!
    What a gorgeous little one, so photogenic and absolutely beautiful. Reminds me a lot of my dog who sadly passed about 6 years ago now (still miss him a heck of a lot) these Cavalier King Charles Spaniels really do steal hearts! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • They do exist! I managed to find the perfect waterproof coat for Aimée last winter and it was great for muddy winter walks.

      Thank you. 🙂 She does seem to be good at posing for pictures! And she’s loved by the whole family – you’re right, Cavaliers are wonderful little dogs.

      I’m sorry to hear about your loss. As the saying goes, dogs leave pawprints on our hearts. They are unforgettable!

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    • Aww, I bet they’re adorable! 🙂 I agree, they do have a wonderful temperament. They are so loving and sweet.

      Thanks for stopping by. My blog writing has fallen by the wayside after six years so I don’t get many comments these days. I might start blogging again one day, though.

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