A Dog – and Blog – Birthday

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Aimée is one today. The little three-month-old puppy we brought home in September has grown up into a beautiful, long-coated adult dog. Despite technically being out of puppyhood now, she isn’t trustworthy yet, as shown by her decision yesterday to take one of my best shoes off the shoe rack. Fortunately, I rescued it before she did any damage!

Here she is, playing one of her favourite games in the garden: letting her ball bounce down the steps, fetching it, running to the top step and then repeating it all over again. This dog brings me so much joy.

To celebrate her birthday, I baked her some treats. It’s the first time I’ve tried making my own dog biscuits and it was so simple. For my dog-owning readers, here’s the recipe I used: 3-Ingredient Vegan Dog Treats. They’re actually quite tasty — yes, I tried one too!

I took the photo below after she had already devoured one of the treats — it’s her “please may I have another biscuit?” face. Those imploring eyes!

As well as my dog’s first birthday, yesterday — June 2nd — marked the sixth anniversary of my blog. I began writing here in the summer before I started my undergraduate degree, and since I started blogging, I haven’t missed a single month without posting.

I’ve been featured on Freshly Pressed — for my post about the emotions I felt on the morning of seeing my mother just before she underwent life-saving surgery — and Discover, for my discussion of language and diversity in Disney movies.

Over the six years, I’ve made friends through blogging — people whose blogs I admire, learn from and enjoy reading (you know who you are). The WordPress blog community I’ve found is, on the whole, a friendly place when so much of the internet is filled with vitriol.

I’m grateful to my readers, several of whom have been here almost since the beginning. Thanks for reading, commenting and being such lovely people. Here’s to the next six years!

I hope you’re all having a lovely weekend. How are you spending yours?

14 thoughts on “A Dog – and Blog – Birthday

  1. Ah what a pretty girl Aimee has grown into! It’s amazing how time flies so quickly, in 1 month my Poppy will also be 1. I may try making her some of your treats for her birthday! Happy anniversary for your blog too!

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    • Thank you. 🙂

      The treats were really easy to make and I’ll definitely make them again. If you do make them, I recommend chilling the dough in the fridge for at least half an hour. I chilled it for longer than the recipe stated; otherwise I think it would have fallen apart when I rolled it out.

      How is Poppy? Have you noticed lots of changes now that she’s almost a grown-up dog?


      • Thank you that’s a great tip! She’s great thank you, We just had her first season so that was a a learning curve for us all! Cue blankets on the beds and sofa when she wanted to come up and cleaning the kitchen floor all day long! Finally finished 3 weeks later though and she seems back to her normal self, We had some strange behaviours at the start she was very cuddly and then the opposite for a few days! Now we have our cuddly little fluffball back though 🙂

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        • Yes, endless mopping of the floor! Aimée had her season in December, when she was six months old. I definitely noticed that she was more clingy and vocal than usual. We decided to let her have one season before getting her spayed, as it’s better for their growth and development. I got her a great ‘Medical Pet Shirt’ (like a babygrow for dogs) so she didn’t have to wear a cone after her op. 😀

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  2. Time flies! Aimee is so beautiful and those eyes of her’s! Who could resist them? 🙂

    My own blogiversary is coming up later this month and it will also be turning six. Thanks for all the thoughtful comments you’ve left me throughout the years as well as your friendship! Here’s to many more good times ahead and I hope you’ve had a nice relaxing weekend.

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    • I can’t remember exactly how or when I found your blog, but I don’t think it was that long after you started blogging. Wow, six years – time certainly does fly. I was thinking today that we’re halfway through this year already. 😑 We’d better enjoy the summer while it lasts!

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  3. Happy Birthday to Aimee! What a beauty she is. And those eyes! That fur! She is so sweet. I just loved watching the video of her playing with her ball.

    Also, happy blog anniversary!! I absolutely love following along on your adventures here on your blog!

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