‘Happiness is a warm puppy’

Happiness is a warm puppy” — Charles M. Schulz

I know that some of my readers are eager for an update on Aimée, the blenheim Cavalier King Charles spaniel that I brought home at the beginning of September last year. She was three months old then; now she is nine months and growing into a beautiful dog.

Here’s how she looked then. She was so tiny that she was smaller than my cat!



And here she is now:


She has a wonderful temperament: gentle, patient and sweet-natured. Right from the start, she has been an incredibly laid-back puppy. 

She has so many funny habits, and watching television is one of her favourite things to do. But she is very particular about her choice of viewing: only nature documentaries and dog programs will suit. 

Planet Earth II, the latest BBC documentary presented by David Attenborough, is quite a hit. She sits bolt upright, her eyes transfixed by the lions and zebras wandering through an African savannah. If she sees or hears anything particularly alarming — the screech of a tropical bird, or a grunting grizzly bear — she barks in response, her tail wagging.

I’m overjoyed that she has become best friends with my cat Kitty. One of my main worries about getting a puppy was upsetting Kitty, but there was no need.

Aimée grooms Kitty’s ears for her, and the cat happily climbs into Aimée’s bed for a snuggle, purring all the while. Kitty likes to follow Aimée on walks and if the pair have been separated for a while, they rush to greet each other by touching noses. So, cats and dogs really can be friends!




20 thoughts on “‘Happiness is a warm puppy’

    • Thank you! Looking back over my collection of photos made me realize how much she’s changed in the past few months. She’s a wonderful companion, and I’m so glad the cat loves her too.

      Does Poppy have any quirky habits? I love watching nature documentaries with Aimée — she puts her head on one side at all the different animal sounds.


      • Oh yes, Poppy loves to watch animals on TV, but mostly just loves to bark/ growl/ protect us from her own reflection! She’s our little shadow, it’s rare she is not in the same room as me and she is never in a room without one of us. She’s a real family dog and just loves to be with her family as much as she can. It’s easy to forget how tiny she once was! And how many sleepless nights we had with toilet training at first!

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  1. Oh my goodness that last photo is just…..beyond precious. No words. Aimée is adorable to begin with but photographic proof of her being friends with Kitty just melts my heart. I loved all your descriptions and while I still can’t say I’d be ready to have a pet of my own, I will say my previous neutral stance on them has been slowly but surely dialing up to appreciation of how lovable they are, particularly dogs! Hope you’re having a good weekend so far. 🙂

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    • I had tried several times before to get a photo of then snuggling together, but one of them always moved or got up before I could take a picture. Then, one evening I grabbed my camera and managed to take this one. It makes me smile every time I look at it.

      Yes, dogs definitely give back so much love, and they’re always happy to hang out with you. Cats…not so much, although I love them anyway. And I think my Kitty has become increasingly dog-like!

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  2. Aimée is just precious! Her sweet little face is so adorable! I am so happy to hear she has become friends with Kitty. Jimmy and I were nervous doing the opposite thing (bringing a kitten into a home with a dog), but like Aimée and Kitty, Malcolm and Lola are buddies now!

    I love that Aimée watches TV! Such a cutie 🙂

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    • Aww thank you! I have a photo of her set as my computer screensaver at work. It makes me smile every time I look at it.

      I’m glad that Malcolm and Lola get on well. It’s so adorable when dogs and cats become friends.

      It’s so fun to watch TV with Aimée, and that reminds me: I recently discovered the DogTV YouTube channel! They have lots of videos specially designed for dogs, which Aimée likes watching. Here’s one that she enjoyed:

      Does Lola like watching TV?


  3. Adorable – droolingly so… One of our dogs – a bull mastiff used to greet the resident cat- who had run away from home to be with us – like that. Another, a labrador used to go behind the TV to see if the rest of the animal he was watching was there !!!

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