Two Delicious Recipes for Autumn Baking

Photo courtesy of kazuend

Photo courtesy of kazuend

At a certain time of year, beginning in September, the stats for one of my posts shoot upwards. It always makes me smile as I know that people are hunting urgently for things to make with their glut of damsons.

Damsons are a small variety of plum and damson trees — when in good health — give you a voraciously prolific harvest! My childhood home, where I lived until I was nineteen, had an orchard with apple trees and damsons.


One year I decided to be innovative and make up a recipe for damson plum crumble cake. I haven’t made this cake since 2011, and I hope the recipe has worked for everyone who tried making it this year.

Judging by the feedback in the comments, increasing the sugar content might be a good idea. I’m not a fan of very sweet cakes, but damsons are a tart fruit and they do need to be sweetened.

A slice of damson cake

I don’t have an orchard where I live now — the garden is a lot smaller and it is home to a single apple tree. But this year’s crop has been quite plentiful and there are enough apples for pies, crumbles/crisps, applesauce and cake.

The aroma of apples gently cooking with cinnamon and sugar is such a mouth-wateringly good autumn scent. If I could bottle it and wear it as a perfume, I would. But then I’d be craving cake all the time, so perhaps that’s not such a great idea.

 This morning I baked one of my favourite recipes: German Apple Cake. The cake is cooling as I type, and I’m looking forward to a slice this afternoon.

What are your favourite autumn baking recipes? Do share them in the comments! 

9 thoughts on “Two Delicious Recipes for Autumn Baking

  1. Mmm, German apple cake sounds divine! I love how simple it is. I’m sure it’s one of those recipes that is simple, yet amazing! I always enjoy baked goods like that! I remember your damson plum cake, too from a few years back!

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