Between the Pages: Quotes from Thomas Hardy


Between the Pages is a new, weekly blog series which explores the life, times and creative works of well-known authors. I plan to run the blog series until the end of 2015, focusing on one author per month. New posts every Tuesday, plus occasional bonus posts.

The first post in the series is a brief biography of the author, the second looks at the historical period of the author, and the third post discusses their creative works. Finally, the last post includes selected quotations and short excerpts by the author.

As we’ve established, Thomas Hardy was not exactly the cheeriest of fellows. When I searched on Goodreads for quotes to include in this post, this was in the top five: “Happiness was but the occasional episode in a general drama of pain”.

Hardy’s writing can be grim but as one of my readers commented on the last post, he wrote about situations from his own observation — it’s not simply gratuitous tragedy.

One of the poems that I think is truthful is Christmas, 1924. 

‘Peace upon earth!’ was said. We sing it,
And pay a million priests to bring it.
After two thousand years of Mass
We’ve got as far as poison-gas

This was written only a few years after the end of “the war to end all wars” (World War I), but it has relevance today. I don’t discuss politics here at Cultural Life, but wars are still being fought and lives are still being lost.

So, now that I’ve depressed you all, here are a few graphics which I hope you will enjoy!


Quote from Hardy’s short story The Romantic Adventures of a Milkmaid. Photo credit: Sonja Langford at Unsplash.


Quote from Far from the Madding Crowd. Photo credit: Pavan Trikutam at Unsplash

This post marks the end of the second month of Between the Pages. There are five Tuesdays in September, but I won’t publish a Between the Pages post next week — we’ll begin discussing the next author in the first week of October.

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