Saturday Shelfie

Inspired by participating in the Daily Post’s Zero to Hero blogging challenge, Saturday Shelfie is a new fortnightly feature and blogging event hosted by my blog. I invite other bloggers to get involved and take part.

The criteria are simple: take a photo (a shelfie!) of the book you are currently reading, write a short, spoiler-free synopsis of the book and your thoughts on it so far, and post it on your blog with the title “Saturday Shelfie” and the event badge (right-click on the image and “save as…”, then upload it into your post).


Make sure you link back to this post when you publish your Saturday Shelfie post; it means a link to your Saturday Shelfie will appear below this post. And that means we can all find each other’s posts. Not only does it help to introduce book-loving bloggers to exciting new reads, it is also a great way for all of us to find new blogs and that helps publicize our blogs too. Score! You can also use the hashtag #saturdayshelfie on Twitter when promoting your Saturday Shelfie post.

The book I am currently reading is Sisterland by Curtis Sittenfeld. I have nearly finished it – only a couple more chapters until the end – and it’s a very compelling read.

Growing up in St. Louis, identical twins Kate and Violet shared everything like two peas in a pod, including the ‘gift’ of having senses: being able to see some parts of the future. But a couple of decades later, their lives have gone in different directions. Kate is a suburban stay-at-home mother while Violet, who makes her living as a psychic medium, is eccentric and unconventional. When Violet predicts that a massive earthquake will hit St. Louis on October 16, both of their lives are jolted off course.

This is Sittenfeld’s fourth novel and, like all of her writing, it engages the reader and is very readable. In my opinion, it is her best novel so far. Sittenfeld has a knack for writing about the many aspects of family life and Sisterland is a book which will make you stay up late to read more!

5 thoughts on “Saturday Shelfie

  1. What a great idea and perfect because I actually have just started reading a new book that isn’t related to any of my classes (or to academics! hurrah!). Since my Saturday is ending soon, I think I’ll join in on this the next time you publish another Saturday Shelfie post. 🙂


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