Wordless Wednesday: the year so far

Are you supposed to post just one photo for Wordless Wednesday? Are there rules for this thing? If there is a one-photo rule for WW, I’m going to go right ahead and break it in my first Wordless Wednesday post!


winter tree

Staying in Bristol - overlooking the Avon Gorge

Scone Palace

An exhibition of costumes from Jane Austen movies

Dunstanburgh Castle ruins

October apple crop

13 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: the year so far

    • Thank you for the compliment! πŸ™‚ But I don’t use a very high tech camera. It is a fairly basic little Samsung digital camera which cost around $120 (Β£80). I would love one of those amazing Canon cameras but alas, I am restricted by my budget at the moment!


  1. Love them all Grace but I love the distant shout of the ruins. It made picture thousands of men running to and running out of them in battle. (Once a history lover, always a history lover).



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