New music from The Civil Wars

The Nashville duo, The Civil Wars, released their second album this week. I first found out about The Civil Wars thanks to a song on The Hunger Games soundtrack which I heard in December 2011. I bought their début album, Barton Hollow, and for most of last spring I played it on repeat on my iPod. The music, sung by Joy Williams and John Paul White, is haunting and melodic. Joy Williams’s voice is astoundingly beautiful combined with the raw simplicity of acoustic guitar. From melancholy ballads to foot-tapping melodies, each song tells a story, combining rootsy Americana, bluegrass and country in a captivating blend.

I would love to see them play live but unfortunately last year they cancelled tour dates on their European tour, giving “irreconcilable differences” as the reason. I hope they don’t stop producing music together. It is unclear whether they will tour again or release another album. It is a real shame as they are definitely one of the most talented Americana/country duos around at the moment. Let’s hope they manage to resolve the problems.

This song from their latest album left me with goosebumps. Go have a listen!

(Video linked from The Civil Wars Youtube channel. No copyright infringement is intended. All rights belong to their respective owners)

If you enjoyed hearing this, I also recommend “20 Years” and “Barton Hollow” from their first album.

For more about The Civil Wars with music videos and other info, you can visit their official website: The Civil Wars and follow them on Twitter @thecivilwars

What do you think of The Civil Wars’ music? If you have any recommendations for other Americana and country artists, let me know by leaving a comment on this post. I would love to hear them!

4 thoughts on “New music from The Civil Wars

  1. May I add this video to my side-bar widget? The video reminds me of my youth when I lived out of a backpack and did indeed hop trains. I have two Civil wars songs in the side bar, and will need to decide which one to replace. But maybe, with your permission, I shall have three, instead? Or use the video, eventually for a blog? But the song is new to me via your blog right here, so I feel I should ask first. And thank you for posting this. — Bear


    • Thanks for asking but I don’t hold any rights over the song or video, so you don’t need my permission. 🙂 I simply linked to it from The Civil Wars’s YouTube Vevo channel which you can find here:

      Thanks for your comment. The Civil Wars are really great, aren’t they? This song is from their new album which I just bought. I haven’t listened to all of the songs on it yet; I am looking forward to savoring it!


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