Photo challenge day 8: Home

Day 8 of the First Thirty-one photo challenge from Fourtuitous!

Home: a place where you can sit in comfort, absorbed deep in the pages of a good book.

First Thirty-one photo challenge day 8

First Thirty-one photo challenge day 8

This month marks the 200th anniversary of Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. It is a literary classic and one that I love to read.

4 thoughts on “Photo challenge day 8: Home

  1. One of my favorites, too! Maybe number two. Number one for me is Jane Eyre. But, I do love Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy.


    • Jane Eyre ranks highly in my favorites as well. I love books by the Bronte sisters and by Jane Austen. Charlotte Bronte didn’t have a very good opinion of Jane Austen though! She wrote in a letter to a literary critic: “Why do you like Jane Austen so very much? I am puzzled on that point. I had not seen Pride and Prejudice till I read that sentence of yours, and then I got the book. And what did I find? …a commonplace face; a carefully fenced, highly cultivated garden, with neat borders and delicate flowers; but no glance of a bright vivid physiognomy, no open country, no fresh air, no blue hill, no bonny beck”

      Oh yes, the BBC Pride and Prejudice series is so good. I’ve watched it too many times to count!


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